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CEFData.com: A Premium CEF/BDC Research and Portfolio Management Software Offering

Free CEF/BDC Fund Screener

CEFData.com is the premium web-based extension of CEF Advisors’ CEF Universe project. We currently collect and produce 281 data points for US listed traditional closed-end funds and 208 data points for Business Development Companies (BDCs). Our current offering is weekly XLS and PDF files with our expansive data coverage for the universe of funds and a Daily CEF/BDC News and SEC Filings Alert service.

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CEFdata.com is proud to power The Active Investment Company Alliance website.

CEF Advisors' 35 CEF/BDC Indexes: Our indexes cover the entire closed-end fund (CEF) and business development company (BDC) universe. The indexes cover both bond and equity sector indexes as well as diversified portfolio objective indexes. The indexes are priced daily from our internally collected CEFData.com research system and database launched in 2012. Data will be available on the indexes for additional benchmarking purposes including weighted discount, yield, leverage, duration, beta and other metrics for the underlying constituent funds. The indexes will be rebalanced quarterly. The indexes were developed to help us monitor our client portfolios as well as help our research/data clients and peers better benchmark themselves.

The firm's index project can be monitored via: www.cefdata.com/index. We offer a performance table and a data table webpage summarizing each index. Clicking on each indexes' name opens a detailed page containing the following information: 1. Index Methodology, 2. Market Price and Net Asset Value Performance, 3. Discounts, 4. Data Characteristics, 5. Holdings' Asset Allocation, 6. Constituent Funds, and 7. Daily index market price and net asset value pricing.

Data Tables for CEF Advisors' 35 Indexes:

Performance Tables for CEF Advisors' 35 Indexes:

Interval Closed-End Fund Structure (iCEF): CEF Advisors announces it’s launch of data coverage for the interval closed-end fund structure (iCEF) on CEFData.com.

CEFData.com offers the following services/modules with daily data updates:

Sponsor Modules CEF/BDC Watch list(s) Portfolio Models Portfolio Account
Deep comparisons across many data points with the ability to compare against “selected peers” as well as “dynamic peers” A data view for a group of CEFs/BDCs showing our “Top 75 CEF/BDC data points” “Client”, “Manager”, and “Summary” Views based of allocation %’s that shows weighted data for the model “Client”, “Manager” and “Summary” view based on # shares that shows weighted data for the portfolio
watchlist watchlist model portfolio

CEFdata.com has the following services/modules in production:

  • UIT (of CEFs/BDCs) Module with Peer Groupings
  • OEF / ETF / CEF (of CEFs/BDCs) Module
  • Institutional Owners Module
  • Activist Module
  • Insider Module
  • Financial Press Module for CEF/BDC data
  • Fund Rankings
  • Fund Search and Screener
  • Email Alerts based on Data points preset or relative levels
  • CEF / BDC IPO Module
  • Tender Module
  • Secondary Offerings / Module
  • CEFU PDF Summary Charts, Tables & pre-set screens updated daily on web
  • Deep MLP holdings Classifications
Charted Data:
  • Earnings
  • UNII
  • Leverage (gross and relative levels)
  • Mergers Module
  • Deaths Module
  • Share Buy-Backs Module
  • Press Release News Archive
  • SEC Filing Archive
  • Corporate Actions Archive
  • CEF/BDC Weighted Data based on ownership of UIT/OEF/ETF/CEF for models or client accounts
  • Fund Comparison Module
  • Portfolio / Product Comparison Module


CEF Advisors: is a CEF/BDC Research, Data and Investment Management Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm founded in 1989. We manage 14 portfolio models for various income and growth investment objective and have products and services available to individual investors, investment professionals or fund sponsors. We are the portfolio consultant on Unit Investment Trust covering BDCs with SmartTrust and have some core models available with our distribution partner Covestor.